I have a dear friend of mine who is struggling to make it through this economic downturn. We met each other almost 10 years ago when we were both working in the finance industry and became fast friends. At the time, we were both making pretty good money and often worked together on a variety of projects. Ten years later he is one of my most trusted confidantes and I’m a better person for knowing him. Unfortunately today is a different season than it was a few years ago. His business is gone, his house, car, jewelry and savings accounts are gone too. The strain has caused deep fractures within his family and wife. His marriage is hanging on by a thread. “I’m beyond rock bottom” he tells me.

Many of today’s web design trends are increasingly focussed on usability and accessibility, with increasing numbers of us accessing the internet on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. We’re spending less time on each site, but more time hitting those sites, wanting information at our fingertips, wherever we are, whatever device we’re using.

If you are primarily a designer, it would be in your best interest to pick up a web development book or two. Even if you would rather focus on the design discipline, having the vocabulary of a web developer will get you far. It can make the workflow smoother between the designer and developer, and your designs can be better suited to the project since you know a bit of the code’s capabilities. If the site will be in Flash, design for it. If the project will be an HTML/CSS/JS combo, then your designs will reflect this.

Select a couple of nails that you want to create the pumpkin face on. You can do it on all of them if you want more info but it might get difficult after a while.

Paint your nails red and allow to dry completely. Make sure that you have a nice even coat that is bright so everyone can see it. If you have a dark red such as burgundy, it might look better.

These are just a few strategies that can be used to make your resume more noticeable during a job hunt. Remember, your resume represents you. If you submit a weak resume then you aren’t giving yourself a fair chance in regards to landing job. Whatever you do, be patient and persistent. Your next job is only a resume away!